Our Team

Welcome to Redis Holdings Limited

Redis Holdings is a global trading company with interests in eCommerce, import & export, global product procurement, general merchandising, international business consulting, government/non-governmental product supply contracts and manufacturing.

We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to our clients and customers all over Africa, Asia & Europe.
We play a key role in the importation, exportation and distribution of various products in Africa & Europe, and is actively involved in general trading from one part of the world to another.

Through our business divisions, we can work with your company or government in various ways such as:

  • Buying your products for export to Africa (From Asia, Europe or The Americas).
  • Buying your products for export to Asia, Europe or The Americas (From Africa).
  • Consulting and imparting solid advice on doing business in Africa.
  • Introduce, import, market & distribute your products as a sole/exclusive distributor in Africa or Europe.
  • Introduce, Import, market & represent your company or product as a representative agent in Africa or Europe.
  • On-Demand global product procurement & supply service for businesses and the public sector.
  • Rapid execution of product supply contracts for churches, schools, governmental ministries/parastatals and non-governmental organizations.

At Redis Holdings, we are all about serious business. Our diverse staff have a combined 20+ years of global trade, product procurement, import and export expertise.

We can help your local business thrive internationally if you have the right products for export.

Our friendly staff are ever ready to answer any international trade questions you have and will provide you with a free evaluation of your “for export” products. 309-735-0658 and tap into the over 1.7 billion people your business is missing in Africa, Europe and beyond.